Speaker FAQ

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How does a contribution get to the conference?

How can I propose a contribution to the conference?

Please submit a short outline of your intentions to Project OekonuxMail link by

March 1st, 2004

Please do not use a proprietary format. In general plain ASCII text suffices completely. We are convinced by content - not by appearance.

Please note our Call for ContributionLocal link. It gives an impression of what we do consider interesting for the conference.

The official phase for proposals is over meanwhile. If you want to contribute something on short notice this is possible as part of the open discussion sessions. Please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link.

What happens after I sent in my proposal?

At latest several days after you sent your proposal a member of the Oekonux project team will confirm the receipt of your proposal. This mail may include further questions regarding your contribution.

Besides that your proposal will be listed on a OpenTheory pageRemote link under 3.2. Proposals received so far.

Is there a possibility to discuss my proposal before the conference?

You may be interested in offering your proposal for discussion with anybody interested. There are two options for this:

How shall I cope with questions and discussions about my proposal?

The Oekonux project team may have questions about your proposal because we did not understand well what you want to contribute. You should answer such questions.

Besides this it is possible that there are proposals regarding the content of your contribution. Of course you may integrate our proposals into your contribution but you do not need to be discouraged by them. You want to contribute to the conference, you are the expert for your contribution. This is crucial.

How do I know whether my proposal is accepted?

The Oekonux project team collects proposals until March 1st, 2004 and after that date decides which contributions are explicitly invited to the conference, which unfortunately can not be invited and which are rejected. The decisions will be made until

March 31st, 2004

latest but we hope to be ready earlier. All who made a proposal will be notified of the decision.

Must a proposal have a special form?

We do not require a specific form for a proposal. However, your chances for acceptance are the better the better we can imagine what you want to do. If we absolutely do not understand what you want to contribute we will ask you for more information.

Please do not use proprietary file formats for your proposal. Plain ASCII will do in very most cases.

Your proposal will be archived in the archive of the Oekonux project teamRemote link. If for some reason you do not want that then please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link about this question.

May I change my proposal?

Until the deadline March 1st, 2004 you are free to change your proposal. However, keep in mind we need to understand what you do want to contribute ultimately.

Should your contribution be invited after the deadline changes in the contribution are possible only in coordination with the Oekonux project team. In such cases it is best to use the mailing list for speakersRemote link.

What is the criteria for acceptance or rejection?

The important criteria is about the content of the contribution. In the Oekonux project team we will make up our mind about what we find most suitable for a successful conference. The Call for ContributionLocal link will build a guideline for this.

Besides content related criteria we need to meet the following limitations:

If you are able and willing to cover your travel expenses yourself and/or able and willing to care about accommodation yourself please tell this the Oekonux project teamMail link.

Is it possible to have spontaneous discussion sessions?

It is not only possible but wanted. We will make available at least one room for spontaneous sessions.

Questions about my presentation

How many people will attend a presentation?

Among other things it depends on the number of people who attend the conference. The first conference was attended by about 170 people, the second by about 150. Usually these people will be distributed between three parallel tracks.

How many people will attend a spontaneous BOF session?

We will have at least one room where spontaneous sessions (unprepared discussion rounds) may take place. We don't know yet how big they will be, but they will probably be seminar rooms with a capacity of 30-40 people.

On which day will my presentation take place?

We will plan a programLocal link, in which all planned presentations are scheduled. If you can make it to the conference only on specific days please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link.

How long does a presentation last?

By default we will have two hour slots. Prepared presentations should last not longer than one hour. At least three quarters of an hour should be left for discussion. A quarter hour is used to allow changing rooms.

Is it possible to work practically (computer room, Internet)?

We will try to provide access to the Internet by Ethernet and Wireless. Probably not many computers will be available. If you like to use such things, please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link as soon as possible.

What presentation equipment is available?

We will have beamers in all main rooms. Overhead projectors will be available in all rooms.

Which sorts of presentations are possible?

We thought about a number of presentation forms, which you find in the visitor FAQLocal link. If you would like to have another form, please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link.

Questions about the papers

Do you need documentation of my contribution as a paper?

Yes. We want to document all conference contributions publicly - i.e. on the web.

By default each contribution should be documented as a paper. Length is not dictated by us. In justified exceptions we do accept documentation of the presented slides.

When do you need the paper?

We need the papers by

June 6th, 2004


To whom I may submit my paper?

Please contact Stefan Merten.

Which format should the paper have?

We don't insist on a special format. Plain text is a useful basis, but HTML is ok, too.

Generally speaking: The simpler, the better. All layout bells and whistles will be removed anyway while reformatting it for the web site. So only markup which is important structurally (headings, emphasis, description of pictures, etc.) and do not hide this information in layout markup like "bold", "italics" or similar.

What happens to my paper?

We will publish all submitted papers on this web site after the conference.

What about copyright?

All papers need to be free from rights of third persons. It is best to put your paper under the GNU Free Documentation LicenseRemote link or another Free license. We assume that if we don't have other information.

Will there be further documentation?

We will record the sound of all contributions. After the conference this will be made available on the web site also.

The mailing list

Why I have been subscribed to referenten AT oekonux-konferenz.de?

The mailing listRemote link serves the coordination of the content of presentations as well as being a simple facility to give organizational hints by the Oekonux project team.

May I re-read older contributions?

Yes, because the mailing list is archivedRemote link.

Organizational questions

What about costs for travel and what about accommodation?

We will refund costs for travelling to and from the conference. Please use cheap travelling opportunities. If it is possible for you to cover your own travelling costs completely or partially, we would be grateful. If you travel by car we only pay the costs for an equivalent train ticket.

If you want to fly, please contact us. Invited speakers receive a estimate of the costs for the flight, which they can book themselves then.

We will try to get private accommodation for all speakers.

We can supply this only for one person per contribution.

Will there be an honorarium?

No. We will only pay for travelling costs and we will provide free private accomodation.

Who may I contact for ...?

In general we work as a team for the preparation of the conference. You may contact us at projekt@oekonux.de.

For some tasks there are special people caring about them. You may contact these directly (please note the obfuscation of email addresses to prevent spammers from harvesting them):


Are there more FAQs?

There is a general FAQLocal link, which is meant for all visitors to the conference.